Our Teens competition runs inline with the Scaled, Masters and RX categories with all teens completing the 3 online qualifiers in order to qualify for Januarys final. Teens are the next generation of CrossFitters and we want to give them the best platform for them to achieve their goals both short and long term.

The lucky 30 teens (15 males and 15 females) that manage to qualify will compete alongside the best athletes in Europe at the 2500 capacity Crowne Plaza Arena in Colchester.

Teens Division:

  • Under 18yrs (must be under 18 years of age on the day of the competition itself).
  • Top 15 male and 15 female we advance to the live finals.
  • Must be accompanied by an adult/guardian throughout the event.

This category will include RX movements with scaling options should this be needed by the teen athletes


Our novice category has been created to allow EVERYONE the opportunity to take part in our competition and experience the atmosphere on the competition floor

Athletes can enter and take part in the qualifiers as many times as they wish, however once successful and they compete at the finals themselves, then they will no longer be able to take part in this category, they then must move onto participating in the Intermediate or RX category

We want everyone to experience the excitement of being on the competition floor at least once and hopefully this category will keep athletes motivated in the gym too with more opportunities to take part

This category will be ‘Scaled’ and will feature movements like the below examples:

  • Double Unders = Single skips
  • Toes to bar = Leg raises
  • Handstand press ups = Push press
  • Rope Climbs = Standing rope climbs
  • Pull Ups = Jumping Pull Ups
  • Reduction in weight & time during the workouts


Our Intermediate category has been created to allow a wider range of athletes the opportunity to take part in our competition and not just regional and CrossFit Games level athletes

Event director Carl Saville said: “Over the years as the sport has grown, there has been a clear pool of athletes like myself who don’t fit in the ‘scaled’ or ‘RX’ category and we wanted to give them an opportunity to get involved too”

This category will be feature RX movements with the option to scale them if needed too:

  • Handstand press ups = Push press option
  • Rope Climbs = Standing rope climbs option
  • Pull Ups / Chest to bar / Muscle Ups = Jumping options
  • Reduction in weight during the workouts

So if you can perform the below movements then the RX category is for you and if not then the Intermediate category is the one for you this year:

  • Muscle Up (Bar or ring)
  • 85/55kg+ Snatch
  • 10+ HSPU
  • 110/75kg+ Power Clean
  • 170/120kg+ Deadlift


This category will include RX movements and follow the same workouts as the RX category but in its own division.

Athletes must be 35+ at the date of the finals themselves.


This category is for athletes who can perform full RX movements.