From seasoned athletes to first-time competitors, our structured training programs will help you maximise your potential. The Athlete Program can be tailored to either one or two sessions per day, and is based around your fitness levels, and your competitive experience. Work to improve performance in all fitness disciplines: Strength, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Skills, and Endurance Work.

Peaking for The Open and The European Championships, The Athlete Program builds strength and conditioning simultaneously, so if you’re working to qualify for these competitions it’s ideal. You can register results, view the leaderboards, and monitor your stats through your interactive online profile, and even if you’re not looking to qualify, because qualifiers are included in the programming, you can still test your training’s progression.

Upon joining, you’ll be added to The Athlete Program’s private Facebook group. It’s made up of members and coaches and is a place to upload training videos for feedback and analysis, and to communicate with others on a similar fitness journey. Discuss individual movements, encourage each other’s training, and receive special attention from The Athlete Program Coaching Team when you need it.

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“Inside The Athlete Program”

Enhancing athletic performance comes from dedicated training and a structured program and a truly complete athlete must master all components of fitness. Here’s how The Athlete Program will help you do that:

  • Training sessions centred on Metabolic Conditioning and setting targets means you’ll be confident that you’re increasing your capacity by working at the right intensity. Training a combination of energy pathways will help maximise performance.
  • Upping your barbell game takes time and effort, and our Weightlifting blocks are designed to fine tune your movement patterns at different volumes to build strength and perfect technique. Be ready when a competition asks for a one rep max, a heavy complex, or high reps.
  • Build the strength needed for such Gymnastics movements as ring and bar muscle ups, butterfly pull ups, and handstand push-ups. Scaled athletes can work through progressions until getting those first few reps, while competitors who already have RX movements will build on consistency and efficiency.

Personalised Training Programs

If you’re looking for a personalised training program to fit around other commitments, or for specific goals The Athlete Program has that covered too. Our coaches have years of experience in programming and can offer step-by-step guidance.

Updated weekly, your program can be delivered via email, or over the phone from your coach, and they are on-hand to provide tailored analysis and feedback.

Monthly £95pm (No contract)

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Customised Nutrition Plan

Developed by Mike Catris, the Nutrition Plans from The Athlete Program include a 20 page information booklet to help you understand how nutrition can be used to improve body composition, health, fitness and performance.

As a performance nutritionist Mike has 10 years’ experience working with Games and Regional athletes as well as the general public. He will calculate your personal macronutrient requirements, create you a template nutrition plan, and work around your nutrition preferences.

6 week plan £95 (No contract)

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The Affiliate Program

The Athlete Program’s Affiliate Program provides a tried and tested structure and integrates with your class timetable. It’s designed to help each of your members develop in a safe and effective way while keeping your gym’s community together by incorporating the Individual Program allowing your ‘competitors’ to train with the group.

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The Unlimited Affiliate Program

Never underestimate the importance of a training buddy! Keep your competitors following our program together and split the cost between multiple members. Each athlete will have their own personal account to track and register their workouts, scores, and results but under one monthly club payment.

Unlimited Athletes £45pm (No contract)

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Here at The Athlete Program we take pride in the art of programming and its through our broad knowledge and experience that we can deliver the most comprehensive training program in the world!