Team Event

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  • Qualifiers / April 2022
  • Event dates / 19th, 20th, 21st August 2022
  • Venue / 10,000 Motorpoint Arena
  • 2 Males & 2 Females
  • £10,000 Team Prize Pot
  • Top 40 Qualify

The European Championships (Team Event) is an exciting 3-day competition which has seen some true classic fitness racing battles over the last decade, so round up your team mates and get ready to fight for a place inside the 10,000 Motorpoint stadium!

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Key Event Information

This competition will be held at the world famous 10,000 capacity Motorpoint stadium in Nottingham, UK.

Teams are made up of ‘2 Males & 2 Females’ and CAN be from different locations/gyms to make up a team.

All athletes will receive a personalised ‘Limited Edition’ European Championships t-shirt when reaching the live finals too!

We will see 40 teams take part in a minimum of 5 workouts over the 3 days and compete to make the semi-final cut to the top 20, then the top 10 teams will battle it out in the final for them podium spots…

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The Team Qualifying Process

Step 1

Register your team via Competition Corner and submit your 4 athletes names. (These can be changed as many times as needed before the submission deadline of TEC22.1)

Step 2

When the first online qualifier (TEC22.1) is released, you will simply add your 4 athletes individual scores (RX workouts) together to then submit as one team score. ✓

After this point you can only change a maximum 50% of your team members to complete the online qualifiers and go into the live finals. (For example if 2 athletes then decide to go as ‘individuals’ you can replace a maximum of 2 athletes).

Step 3

When successful you will receive an official team invite via Competition Corner to the live finals ✓

During the finals registration you will be asked to confirm all 4 athletes and should these change after this point you must notify our admin team on:

As above you can only replace a maximum of 2 athletes after the TEC22.1 submission deadline and before the live finals themselves.

After WOD1 of the live finals, you must then keep the same 4 athletes for the remainder of the competition.

NOTE: Athletes can take part in both the individual & team qualifiers with the same score.

Should an athlete be successful in both competitions (Qualifying as an individual and qualifying with their team), they can decide to go as an individual and be replaced in the team (Up to 2 athletes can be replaced after the TEC22.1 submission) or they can decide to go with their team and at which point they will be removed from the individual leader board.