We have introduced some guidelines to help you with your category selection, Scaled or RX?

We understand without knowing what the workouts are, how do you know which one to choose?

Therefore we are introducing some basic movement guidelines to help you make this decision; here are some key variations we have used in the past to see if you can perform these exercises:

  1. Double Unders = Single skips
  2. Toes to bar = Knee raises
  3. Handstand press ups = Push press
  4. Rope Climbs = Standing rope climbs
  5. Reduction in weight & time during the workouts

So if you can perform the below movements then the RX category is for you and if not then the scaled category might be a more suitable option for this year:

  1. Muscle Up (Bar or ring)
  2. 70/45+ Snatch
  3. HSPU
  4. 80/55+ Power Clean
  5. 150/100+ Deadlift

Note: If you have already entered a category and want to change then you can do this via your Competition Corner athlete profile.

Anyone found to be taking part in the scaled category who does not match the above requirements maybe removed from the competition at the discretion of our team!