Key points to remember when attempting your workout and submitting your video:

  1. The athlete must state their full name, affiliate and workout number at the beginning of each WOD attempt i.e Carl Saville, CrossFit Colchester The European Championships 17.1. If attempting our TEAM competition then each athlete must also state his or her full name at the beginning of each recording/attempt.
  2. Any weights/equipment must be measured and displayed clearly at the beginning of each workout. This must also remain in shot for the remaining part of the video.
  3. All movements should be recorded from a side angle to make sure the athlete performs each rep successfully & clearly.
  4. A WOD clock must remain in full view throughout the whole workout attempt unless stated otherwise by our events judging team.
  5. If the WOD clock isn’t required then at least one other person other than the athlete must be in view of the camera at ALL TIMES i.e one athlete and one judge as an example.
  6. The video CANNOT be broken i.e successful entries must submit 1 recording all throughout the WOD. NO PAUSING & NO OVERLAPS, just 1 recording making sure all the above standards have also been met too.
  7. Every WOD must be uploaded onto ‘YouTube’ and contain the following in the title: Athlete/Team name, event name & qualifier number i.e Carl Saville The European Championships 17.1 (For WOD1) or Carl Saville The European Championships 17.3 (For WOD3) then you must upload your video link onto your profile upon submission of your score.

Failing to complete the above rules may result in your attempt becoming invalid and your score being withdrawn from the competition!

Extra Submission Information:

  • Any ‘no reps’ given by our judging team will result in a ‘time’ or ‘rep’ penalty being added to your final score: I.e if the athlete receives 3 no reps during their attempt and the WOD was for reps, then they would have them individual reps removed from their score and if the WOD was for time then a time penalty will be added/subtracted from your final score total!

Here is an acceptable video submission example from Tommy Marquez at CrossFit HQ:

Please find below our extended Rules & Regulations regarding team substitutions:

  • After registration, a team will be able to make as many substitutions as they chose before the team submits their 1st official score for that set of online qualifiers, at this point this will become your 5 man starting team.
  • Teams will then be allowed 1 further rolling substitution during the remainder of the competition, once this athlete has been registered they may be used as many times as the team requires for different athletes (Must be same sex), but only that 1 athlete can be used/changed throughout the qualifiers & going into the finals themselves.
  • Once your team registers at the venue for the finals, this will then fix your 5 athletes in place to take part in the finals throughout the day. No further substitutions can then be made after this point.
  • No substitutions are allowed for our ‘Individual’ competition and all athlete payments are non-refundable for both events.
  • Photo identification may also be required upon athlete registration at the finals.
  • To make your teams substitution please click here, complete & submit the required online form:

Sub form →

Competition Entry Fees:

  • Online qualifier entry fee = £15pp
  • Finals entry fee = If you are successful in making it through to the live finals then the fee to accept your place will be a maximum of £95 however our aim is to make this completely free for athletes i.e £0!!! This is dependant on how many people have registered for our online qualifiers, if we reach 5000+ athletes (Excluding promotional sign ups) for our qualifier stage, then athletes finals entry fee’s will become FREE as we aim to pass on the money made onto the athletes themselves.
  • Event Pricing Update 2021
    First of all, we want to thank you all once again for your ongoing support throughout this extremely challenging time due to the global pandemic.Because of the large ongoing running costs of our competition and the loss of revenue spent on advertising our previous events in 2020 (which we were forced to postpone and cancel due to covid), this meant we nearly lost our events but thanks to our incredible management team (who volunteer for free throughout the year) and all of your ongoing support, we have managed to save our event and now looking forward to hosting our 9th year!

    We’ve always tried to host our events at a minimal cost to the athletes themselves and will continue to do so. After the last year and almost all our running costs now increasing too due to the impact covid has had, we will also need to increase our event prices if we are to continue to run them.

    This year we’ve also tried to add even more participation value by hosting an ‘off site’ event on the Friday, a new fun and exciting endurance test…

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further then please contact us on:

    Train hard, be ready for anything and we’ll see you all soon!

    Carl & Team

  • All entry fee’s throughout our competitions are non refundable.