The European Championships 2021 Event Highlights

From humble beginnings as a way for a brand new CrossFit Affiliate to meet the neighbours, The European Championships has evolved from a one-day in-house throwdown into a multi-day, multi-category event that truly showcases the sport of CrossFit. Although every year is special, TEC2021 has to be the most special yet, for so many reasons.

Our first ever three day event

Being the first major CrossFit competition to return on the scene after lockdown put a stop to the leisure industry (and more!), expectations and excitement were both high – CrossFitters wanted this event to come back bigger and better than ever before. And what better way to celebrate the return of indoor CrossFit Competitions than with an outdoor event on day one!?

Carl Saville took to social media to release the teaser for TEC’s return, and announced the run/paddle/run workout.


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… Arms only on a paddle board ensured the comp kicked off with a SPLASH!

Dmitry Klokov’s CrossFit debut

A Russian Weightlifting legend turning CrossFit at the beginning of this year, Klokov was looking to switch up his training and focus on a new challenge. With his sights set on The Games in a couple of years, his motivation in training has been fantastic to watch online. While he is well-known for his incredibly impressive weightlifting, his gymnastic skills have developed at a rate of knots, and he’s building a seriously fiery engine.

… The European Championships was honoured to have had such a big name choose us for his debut.

The future of our sport

Known as the “ones to watch” when it comes to the future of competitive CrossFit, The European Championships Teens category saw Greg Carter of CrossFit Esprit de Corps, UK complete the run/paddle/run in just 13:32 while Kacper Sałek of Centrum Treningu, PL made 130kgs in the barbell complex!

… Lucy McGonigle from CrossFit Enable, UK blasted through her final workout in only 7:12, as well – some seriously impressive scores from our young athletes.

Phenomenal progress

After four years of blowing the crowds away, athlete Evander Harewood’s hard work saw him podium in an extremely competitive Male Rx category. CrossFit DireWolf’s Sam Cowler also reaped the benefits of his consistent training with The Athlete Program. His finishing positions at TEC have climbed year after year, with him reaching the final events, and finishing 10th overall this year.

… It is a joy to watch the returning athletes be reunited on the competition floor. And seeing the difference their dedication to training has made to their performance makes their appearance even more impressive.

The battle for the female title

In a stacked field of incredibly strong Female Rx competitors, Aimee Cringle of CrossFit IOM, UK and Sólveig Sigrđardóttir of Coastside CrossFit, IS pushed each other to their absolute limits all weekend. Their battle to decide the Female Rx medals of TEC21 went all the way through to the final workout!

… And while they took no prisoners during the workouts, the hugs and smiles on the podium illustrate perfectly why our community is as popular as our competition.

The TEC2021 team

The European Championships simply wouldn’t be possible without the whole TEC21 team including the event organisers, logistics managers, staff, crew, and the judges. Their hard work, care, and professionalism throughout the whole competition ensured a truly memorable event.

Lastly, a huge thank you, once again, has to go out to our event sponsors and vendors

Wolverson, FitAid, Rebel UK, The Defiant Co., Evolve, PulseRoll, Blue Elvin, Challenge State, Hybrid Academy, Suji BFR, FiiT, Aetos Dios, Strid3 Athletic, Halo, KitBox, Hybryd Performance Apparel, Alpha Nutrition, Beast And Bulk Nutrition, L+LI

… Their contribution helps not just the smooth running of TEC21, but also the fantastic atmosphere!