The Vendor Village at The European Championships 2018 Individual Event

The European Championships Finals 2018 was a fantastic day for competitors and spectators alike. With 300 athletes, five WODs, the semis, and then the finals, plus the famous 3-on-1 challenge, the breaking of the Guinness World Record for strict ring muscle ups, and a surprise proposal, it was certainly a full day too!

In amongst all of that activity, was some serious retail therapy. From clothing to equipment, from physical treatments and tasty treats, the sponsors really add to the atmosphere at The European Championships.

Headline Sponsor: Xendurance

Recovery is one of the most crucial aspects of training, and fuelling your body with the right supplements is essential – that’s why Xendurance is trusted by athletes across the world. Produced and manufactured using the purest ingredients under the highest standards, The European Championships’ partnership with Xendurance is an important one.

Equipment from Xenios USA

Matching the needs of the strength and conditioning equipment industry, Xenios USA is a key partner at The European Championships – they even decked our Rx finalists out in their weighted vests this year!

Ruled by the highest standards of product quality, Xenios USA equips the most famous competitions. The European Championships is proud to work with such a high calibre organisation, supplying our official equipment.

WIT – Whatever It Takes Fitness

Providing globally sourced fitness apparel, footwear, and accessories, WIT Fitness is a unique multi-brand fitness concept store.

With their links with the global fitness community, and a unique retail/gym facility in London, they were hosts to Dave Castro’s #18pointzero announcement earlier this year. We’re thrilled to have them as part of The European Championships’ family.

NOCCO (NoCarbsCompany)

A Crossfit-favourite, the guys at NOCCO supplied their tasty functional beverage. Sugar-free, sweetened with sucralose, and enriched with vitamins and BCAA, essential amino acids the body needs to reduce muscle fatigue and speed recovery.

Clothing from Nasty Lifestyle

Cool designs crafted for performance, Nasty Lifestyle boast a strong group of ambassadors and a dominating presence at many CrossFit events. Their clothing went down a storm at The European Championships, and as a key sponsor, will be supplying next year’s athlete tees for TEC19.

Support from RockTape UK

Engineered to mimic the skin, this athletic tape stretches up to 180% of its original length, but also retracts, giving it an advantage over other tapes. Stretchier, stickier, snappier, and… sizier – this allows for better range of motion, better assistance, longevity, and accessibility.

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