Colchester Events Ltd Vendors

Colchester Events Ltd are proud to have the following vendors at our events:

Wolverson FitnessWolverson Fitness

Wolverson specialises in functional fitness equipment and they have a massive range of products that have been designed right here in England. We have been using Wolverson since we first opened our box in 2012 (CrossFit Colchester) and have always had a fantastic service along with providing some of the highest quality products for our sport. Wolverson are now also our main event sponsors too.

Renegade BoxRenegade Box

Renegade Box supplies quality apparel to people who are serious about fitness. Renegade Box is a story of a group of friends who work together and who just love keeping fit – so much so that it’s now an obsession!

Renegade Box supplies gyms with merchandise which is unique to them. They proudly supply many boxes and competitions throughout the country including Battle of the Boxes, Battle of the Gods & Battle of the Beasts in 2015!

Chasing Fran ApparelChasing Fran

Chasing Fran is a fitness and lifestyle apparel brand for people driven to succeed in life and in competition.

They’re coming for you, are you ready?

GLC 2000GLC2000

GLC2000 is a powerful, scientifically backed, patented joint formula. It provides the required building blocks to help your body kick start its natural repair functions. GLC2000 uses the highest quality ingredients, in the optimum dose for your body with no cheap fillers. Also used by 2013 World Champion Samantha Briggs.

Rock Tape UKRock Tape

Kinesio Tape is Rock Tape’s core product; it’s used by endurance athletes, Olympic athletes, Functional Fitness athletes and by chiropractors and acupuncturists all over the world. They also offer ‘Rock sauce’ for pain relief, Shin Skins, Knee Sleeves and cycling kits. All CrossFit athletes own a roll of Rock Tape!!
Icon Nutrition LogoICON Nutrition

As an evidence-based sports supplements brand ICON Nutrition is about consistently helping athletes, teams and individuals perform at maximum capacity every time they train or compete and recover as efficiently as possible. They manufacture the finest grass fed whey protein powder rich in BCAAs and other key

KITBox is a leading provider of functional fitness clothing, footwear, supplements, equipment and accessories as prescribed.

Founded in July 2013, they have strayed off the beaten path from the traditional fitness world – athletes need kit to prepare them for the unknown and KITBox’s goal is to supply the very best KIT for their customers.

KITBox – Kit for Inside and Outside the Box.

Bear Strength ClothingBear Strength Clothing Co.

Bear Strength has been forged from a love of functional fitness and the community that surrounds it. It was only a matter of time before the two Welsh brothers wanted to give something back to this amazing community.

Bear Strength is the one stop shop for any avid fitness and sport enthusiast. Not only producing their own functional fitness clothing for all types of high intensity work outs and WODs but they are also supply this thriving community with the best products available to help with their journey in fitness.

BenchMark Girls ApparelBenchmark Girls

Stylish and functional CrossFit gear for ladies. Cute t-shirts with a quirky twist aimed at girls who CrossFit in style.

TheNakedApeNaked Ape

Naked Ape make handy sized snacks packed with Biltong, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. We sell these from our box and they are so popular because they are a quick and convenient snack post training that is nutritious and tastes great too.

Wholesale A FareWholesome a Fare

These gorgeous homemade High protein, Gluten Free, Low Carbohydrate meals and snacks have been invented by Alina who sells her pre made meals to people trying to have a better diet or who don’t have the time to make them their self. She proves that paleo can be just as interesting and diverse as any other meal with the spices, sauces and dressings she uses.

The Primal KitchenThe Primal Kitchen

Suzie Walker is the woman behind the amazing Paleo bars that are available in three different flavours. We love them so much we sell them from our box too. Suzie is currently in the process of creating a fourth bar and the current ones are stocked in various health shops all over the UK!

Paleo LukePaleo Luke

Luke Cantrill is extremely passionate about health and nutrition; he aims to show people how our ancestors ate in order for us to lead healthier lifestyles and also how we can improve performance through our diet. He runs 28 day group Paleo challenges and also offers one on one advice.

The Movement SolutionThe Movement Solution

Does what it says on the tin- providing solutions for your movements! The Movement Solution is run by the incredibly knowledgeable Stephen Batchelor also from CrossFit Colchester. Steve has created a range of new and exciting products to help people mobilise and improve their range of movement, flexibility and therefore help performance & injury prevention!

kratos-logoKRATOS RX’D

KRATOS RX’D is a specifically designed range of nutritional supplements that have been developed to meet the needs of the modern day functional fitness athlete, giving you everything you need to improve WOD times, RX that benchmark, get that new PB and to push yourself as hard as you possibly can.

Their range of sports nutrition supplements are designed and developed specifically to improve your performance in workouts and make sure that your body has everything it needs to perform to its maximum and recover as efficiently as possible.

warriorprincess-logoWarrior Princess

Warrior Princess design and sell clothing and accessories for Weightlifting, CrossFit and other Strength Sports. Products are for women only and the T-shirts can be personalized as they make them all themselves! All their products are reasonably priced and the designs are very original and unique.

callous-mindedCallous Minded

For people who don’t take things too seriously and like to have fun as well as looking good, Callous Minded is run by Amir Ghomshei and Tony Easley, two Crossfitters from London who are passionate about design and fitness.


MyPrimate is a business committed to helping people improve their lives through Primal living. MyPrimate offers a range of services including diet consultations, meat&veg boxes, wholefoods shop and events catering.

fundamental-suppliesFundamental Supplies

If you are nuts about nuts then check out Fundamental supplies, they supply our box with their handy snack sized mixed nuts, their delicious RAWnola and their massive 1kg resalable mixed nut bags and you guys will have the opportunity to stock up on them at our next event.

fit-criminalFit Criminal

Fit criminal have only launched this summer and with their stylish clothing range they have already made a big impact on the CrossFit Community.